Consulting & Quality Assurance Services

Complete oversight and management of a wide variety of technical and professional services including:

O/M Management
Consulting and Inspections

Focus of our inspections:

  • Review procedures set forth in the contract
  • Review monthly report and assure contract compliance
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Review site QC plan including submission and contract compliance
  • Review CMMS system (procedures, inventory, PM schedule balance, etc.)
  • Additional items
    • Safety issues or violations
    • Contractual position (in-house violations)
    • Operational issues
    • Building automation, (hardware failures, software problems, failed points, operator overrides etc.)
    • Proper maintenance procedures or violations
    • Contractor activity
    • Tenant issues
    • Geographical site locations
    • Local geographical conditions (labor pool)
    • Mechanical knowledge and aptitude of on-site personnel
    • Past historical inspection items and issues to include relationships with management
    • Past and current conditions of equipment
    • Future goals of Contractor and GSA
    • Tenant structure of building (access issues)
    • Personnel training and their desire to learn
    • Documentation audit
    • Supplies issues
    • Custodial (whether in contract or not)
    • Landscaping and general first impressions


technicians with clipbard

electric motors driving water pumps