Selected Clients

Architectural Restoration Projects

Department of Commerce Washington DC

capitol building

U.S. Capitol – Visitors Center – Washington D.C.


    • Department of Commerce
    • Monday Properties,
    • Transwestern 
    • Stream Realty —DC Portfolio
    • Cushman and Wakefield 
    • Lincoln Properties – 
    • US Capitol Visitors Center
    • GSA – Arlington National Cemetery
    • USNA -NAV-FAC 
    • RP Properties,
    • Miami Dade Airport, Miami, Florida
    • Republic Properties, Washington D.C
    • Southern Management 
    • Associa Management
    • Comsource Management 
    • GSA-Nealon Federal Courthouse, Scranton, PA (view photos) —

GSA Contracts

Architectural Restoration John F Kennedy Center

John F. Kennedy Center – Washington D.C.

  • GSA Contracts

    • GSA Region 10 -PNW Division  Washington State/Oregon/Idaho /Alaska
    • Veterans Administration –Orlando and Miami Divisions and Districts /Columbia SC
    • Federal Aviation Administration –Greenville South Carolina
    • Bureau of Prison – MDC Brooklyn NY
    • Us Coast Guard Baltimore Md
    • US Air Force Robbin North Macon Ga
    • Lease Administration/Property Management Contract –Albuquerque NM –
    • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Contract – The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – Prime Contract till 2015
    • Custodial Management and Maintenance Services–    Ft Myers and Sarosota Fl